TG in Action: Saving Midsummer for a Company and Its Employees

When a company faced a payroll crisis right before Midsummer, TG stepped in. Discover how we saved the day for 260 employees.

When it comes to payroll management, there’s no room for error or delay – every employee relies on their paycheck arriving on time. TG is committed to providing efficient, expert payroll solutions. We always rise to the challenge to find the best possible solution for our clients, no matter the circumstances. One such example is the time we saved Midsummer for a company and their 260 employees.

The Situation

It was the end of the week when we received an emergency call from a company undergoing reconstruction. They had difficulties with their payroll suppliers and were at high risk of delaying their employees’ salaries. The situation was not just a financial issue, but really also a human one. Midsummer was a week away, and a delay really risked affecting the celebratory spirit among the employees. After all, Midsummer is sort of the biggest holiday in Sweden (on par with Christmas)

Our Response

At TG we believe in quick responses and effective solutions – this specific situation was complicated with several different payroll suppliers, and had many moving parts. We had to interact with the company’s payroll department and liaise with their bank to ensure all salaries were processed correctly and on time. But we really wanted to help so our team swung into action. Going into the situation required a simple, swift and solution-oriented approach. 

Our first step was to fully understand the extent of the problem requiring close collaboration with the company’s payroll department. With this understanding, we could construct a solution that would ensure the payroll process ran smoothly despite the reconstruction. The reason behind us being able to deliver such a fast and simple solution is our extensive experience combined with our strong commitment to help customers in need.

Collaboration and Solution

We worked closely with the company’s bank to expedite the process. Our team worked hard to navigate the complexities, ensuring that each piece of the puzzle fell into place.

And we succeeded. All 260 employees received their salaries on time, ensuring a happy Midsummer celebration. It was not just about delivering numbers that added up correctly – we were saving a holiday and ensuring that our clients could focus on their core operations without worry.

TG’s Commitment

Our ability to manage this situation is a testament to our way of offering payroll management services. By integrating our experience and solutions with existing systems and effectively collaborating with various stakeholders, we were able to quickly and effectively resolve a complex issue.

So, no matter the challenge, you can rely on TG acting swiftly, efficiently, and with great expertise to solve your payroll issue. If you are facing a critical situation and need our help, do not hesitate to contact us.

At TG, we’re not just about payroll – we’re about people. And we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure that our clients’ needs are met. After all, that’s what being a part of TG means.

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