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Welcome to TG, your trusted partner for seamless payroll outsourcing.

We excel in managing payrolls across the Nordic region. Our payroll specialists ensure smooth and effective handling of even the most complex payroll demands. Simplifying the complex.

Our customer stories

TG Payroll is responsive, fast, always professional, and we can truly feel secure knowing that the payroll management is handled correctly and in a timely manner. We are very satisfied with our collaboration and can highly recommend TG Payrolls services.

Head of HR – Emma Liwergren

For a year, Hundstallet has used TG Payroll for payroll and gradually for more HR tasks including contract writing, onboarding, and statistics management. We are very satisfied with their innovative support and expertise in HR work.

Secretary-General –  Per Leander

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional services provided by TG Payrolls and for the positive impact it had on my company. High professionalism, dedication and outstanding persistence are some of the qualities that make a noticeable difference. I am grateful for your assistance and look forward to the continuity of our cooperation.

CEO – Silvia Caetano

When we had an unforeseen absence in our payroll department, we enlisted the help of TG Payroll to handle Norwegian, Finnish, and Danish salaries together with our local payroll providers. It went incredibly smoothly as TG Payroll demonstrated high knowledge and was able to quickly take over the management. We are very satisfied with the service we received.

Dräger Nordic
Head of Finance – Mathias Lindgren

Ready to elevate your payroll process?

Leverage the expertise of TG Payroll to streamline and optimize your payroll functions. Reach out today and let’s together create a customized solution for your business needs.

Three reasons to choose us for payroll outsourcing

Expertise in Nordic Markets
With extensive knowledge tailored for the Nordic business environment, TG Payroll understands the unique challenges and requirements of payroll processes in the region. Our experience ensures your payroll is in safe, knowledgeable hands.
Customized solutions

We provide customized payroll solutions, designed to perfectly meet your specific needs. This not only enhances efficiency but also ensures compliance. Our goal is to unburden our clients with unnecessary complexity.

Dedicated support
Our team of payroll specialists is committed to providing prompt and reliable assistance. We ensure seamless operations and timely payroll deliveries. With us, you’re not alone – you’re supported by a dedicated team committed to your payroll success.

Reliable Excellence in Payroll Outsourcing

Our track record in comprehensive payroll management is your assurance of reliability. We bring extensive expertise in payroll outsourcing and our team of experts has in-depth knowledge of the complexities involved in payroll processes.

This expertise allows us to manage your payroll efficiently and accurately, even in the most challenging situations.

System knowledge and user-friendly implementation

We prioritize usability and efficiency in our payroll outsourcing solutions.

We implement web-based systems that are intuitive and easy to use. These simplify the payroll management process for employees and managers in the organization, making it easy to track and manage their reporting.

Regardless of your previous system or level of expertise, our team can quickly integrate our solutions into your company for effective payroll management.

Comprehensive Payroll Management

TG Payroll offers more than just payroll outsourcing – we’re your comprehensive payroll management partner. By taking care of every aspect of payroll, we free up time for you to concentrate on your core business. Even when payroll systems are absent, our team can seamlessly generate comprehensive reports.

We are experts at interpreting collective agreements and use this expertise to optimize your payroll management processes, providing you with detailed insights and guidance as an integral part of our service.

Ready to elevate your payroll process?

Leverage the expertise of TG Payroll to streamline and optimize your payroll functions. Reach out today and let’s together create a customized solution for your business needs.

Simplifying Your Payroll: The TG Approach to Outsourcing

TG Payroll’s payroll management process is designed to provide optimal efficiency on both a monthly and annual basis. We have developed a streamlined routine that encompasses data collection, payroll calculation, reporting, and more. 

Our trusted system caters to the requirements of all Nordic countries, including Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden, ensuring a seamless payroll management experience across borders. If needed, we can take a coordinating role, resulting in you only needing one point of contact for your whole Nordic payroll set-up. 

Let’s take a closer look at how our process will simplify your payroll.

Monthly planning​

We have an established schedule that we and our customers follow on a monthly basis. This schedule structures and ensures an efficient process for data collection, payroll calculation, approval, report delivery, and other reporting.

Data collection via shared platform​

Beginning each month, we gather all the necessary information for payroll, including time reports, travel bills, and other relevant data, through our shared workspace. This makes it easy for both us and our customer to manage and share files in a secure and efficient manner.

Payroll calculation and approval​

When all necessary information is gathered, we calculate the salaries. After customer approval we close the payroll.

Reporting via shared platform​

We utilize a collaborative platform for reporting, streamlining communication and ensuring data transparency. This centralized approach fosters collaboration and provides instant access to vital payroll insights for all stakeholders.

Post-reporting and special reports​

TG excels in post-payment documentation, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Beyond standard reports, we provide tailored special reports, delivering critical insights to drive decision-making. We support both employees and managers, making it easier for them in their daily work. 

Management of annual processes​

We ensure that we meet all necessary requirements for annual processes, including year-end transitions in accordance with collective agreements, annual government reporting, vacation year transitions, and the like.

Compliance and Regulation​

At TG, we understand the ever-evolving landscape of payroll regulations. Our team is dedicated to continuously staying updated with the latest legal requirements, ensuring all processes remain compliant.

This commitment not only safeguards businesses from potential regulatory pitfalls but also guarantees a seamless and worry-free payroll operation. We inform our customers of any changes in regulation. With us, you can be confident in the accuracy and legality of every transaction.

Ready to elevate your payroll process?

Leverage the expertise of TG Payroll to streamline and optimize your payroll functions. Reach out today and let’s together create a customized solution for your business needs.
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