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"Our vision is to revolutionize payroll management by transforming the complex into the simple."

Why Choose Us?

TG Payroll is your full-service solution for payroll management. With our broad portfolio of services, we go beyond the traditional boundaries of payroll, creating a comprehensive solution tailored for your business.

Why choose us? The answer is simple: we are more than just a payroll provider. We are your reliable partner, support system and advisor in a complex and ever-changing business world.
Our clients choose us for our extensive expertise in payroll. We handle your payroll administration, freeing up time for you to focus on your core business.
Struggling with payroll complexities? Our payroll experts offer in-depth advice to optimize your salary structure and processes.

Do you need to assistance during high workload periods or to cover an absence? Our interim solutions supply skilled payroll management staff for temporary assignments.

Transitioning to Flex HRM? With our prior experience of implementing Flex HRM, we ensure a smooth transition to a new payroll process that boosts efficiency and user-friendliness.

Urgent help needed? Our direct line to our partners guarantees swift, accurate, and dependable assistance. We offer immediate support.

At TG, we’re committed to giving our clients the best service, regardless of the scale or intricacies. Choosing us means selecting a partner dedicated to your success. 

Welcome to TG – Your ultimate partner in payroll management.

Our Story

2001 - THE START

Back in 2001, we set out on a mission: to revolutionize payroll in Sweden. We were passionate about making a difference and determined to create solutions that made life easier for our customers. It wasn’t just the start of a company, but really was about realizing a vision to simplify payroll. Our founding partner, Sanna Tadic, founded Din Lön Nordics AB.

2001-2011 - THE JOURNEY

The following ten years we grew and expanded, building the team from 2 to 30, and welcomed 100 new customers. Our team has always been our most important asset and we put a lot of time into recruiting the right people, with the right mind-set, right skill set and right service orientation.

And we welcomed customers from many different industries as well as all sizes.

In 2011 one of our Swedish clients asked us to take care of their Nordic payroll. It worked out greatly. So we thought it was a good opportunity to spread our wings across the Nordic landscape and expanded our operations to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. This positioned us as the only partner capable of providing a cohesive solution for the entire Nordic region. We became the go-to for all things Nordic payroll. A trusted partner with a unique service. Our customers could leave their Nordic payroll to us, while they focused on other things. They no longer needed three people to handle their Nordic payroll, but only one – our contact. We took over handling the different countries’ payroll.

Our journey was fueled by organic growth, driven by our customers’ recommendations – which continues to be the most valuable acknowledgment of our work. The trust and support given to us by our customers has not only fuelled growth but also helped us develop services that truly cater to their needs.

Our company got the Bisnode and Veckans Affärer award “Superföretag” several years in a row.


By 2018, our company had grown to 40 payroll specialists and 200 customers. We got approached by a larger competitor. They were interested in our Nordic knowledge as well as our large customer base with many well-known companies. After a lot of reflection we decided to accept the offer, looking to join a community where we could learn and collaborate.


Being an entrepreneur at heart we decided to embark on a new chapter in 2020. Going into our third decade in payroll with a fresh perspective and our dedication and passion unchanged. TG Payroll was born.

We remain committed to delivering the best payroll service, with a continued focus on transforming the complex into the simple.

Our story revolves around one core idea: simplicity. From day one, we knew payroll didn’t need to be complicated. Our service is designed to be intuitive and accessible and we are committed to making the payroll process simpler and more easily understood. We want everyone to understand and manage their payroll with ease. We can’t be more excited to continue the journey of turning complexity into simplicity. With the trust of customers we’re all set to unravel the next chapters together. Here’s to what lies ahead!

Our Mission

We aspire to be the ultimate choice for all companies, offering user-friendly and efficient solutions. With around-the-clock availability and customer support.

Our mission is simple: making salaries comprehensible for everyone.

Welcome to a new era of payroll management.

Our Vision

We have seen it many times, payroll set-up becomes unnecessarily complex.

Our Vision is clear: to turn complexity into simplicity.

We aspire to be the ultimate choice for all companies, offering user-friendly and efficient solutions. 

Our mission is simple: making salaries comprehensible for everyone.

Welcome to a new era of payroll management.

Our Team

Our team is handpicked. Payroll specialists and experts with extensive knowledge and experience from many years handling payroll management across the Swedish and Nordic markets. Having tackled payroll challenges across diverse industries, we’re well-versed in navigating the intricacies of each. We continuously stay updated on laws and law changes, rules, and collective agreements to ensure you’re always ahead.

Trust the experts. Trust us. We’re your payroll partners and we are dedicated to your success.

"Building long-term client relations is just as important to us as always ensuring the accuracy of the payrolls we handle”

Sanna Tadic, Founding Partner

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Sanna is one of TG Payroll’s founding partners. With over 20 years of experience in the payroll industry, Sanna has a deep understanding of payroll processing and HR administration.

She has worked with companies both in the Nordic region and globally, providing expert guidance and support on all aspects of payroll management. Her experience has given her a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing businesses today, and she has helped many clients optimize their payroll processes and achieve their goals.

She is passionate about providing personalized, high-quality service to her clients and is committed to staying up to date on the latest trends and best practices in the industry. 

If you’re looking for a payroll expert who can help your business thrive, don’t hesitate to contact Sanna.

As the head of our business processes, I place great emphasis on efficiency. Through meticulously designed automation, I ensure that payroll is handled accurately and smoothly. This not only means our partners have more time for their core operations, but also allows us at TG to provide dedicated support and guidance.

I strongly believe in transparency in our work. For me, it’s not just about having clear and well-defined processes, but also about making visible what we do for our customers. By providing them with more data and insights into their payroll processes, the need for basic information queries diminishes. Instead, we can focus on building deeper relationships and offering more valuable advice.

In an industry where precision is crucial, my commitment to 100% accurate salaries is top priority. Every employee deserves correctness, and I ensure this promise is kept by minimizing the margin for error due to human factors.

Emil Persson

Application Consultant

Emil is a specialist in payroll administration and payroll matters. He works in outsourcing and has extensive experience throughout the entire process, from setup to reporting.

He is certified in Flex HRM and sets up Flex HRM for Time, Travel, Employee, and Payroll. Emil is interested in payroll  systems and payroll matters,  reconciliations, checklists, and really enjoys refining processes and documentation.

Sofia Alenmark Beck

Payroll Expert

Sofia has been working with payroll since 2003, both in-house, through outsourcing, and as a consultant. Being a continuous learner she enjoys that payroll is constantly changing, requiring one to stay updated with ongoing modifications. She has an interest in systems and likes working towards simplifying, streamlining, and ensuring the quality of payroll work. 

“The combination of finance, personnel, systems, and  interaction with employees and authorities makes the work really interesting. Payroll costs are a significant expense for companies, and it’s crucial for all parties that it’s accurate. Collaboration with the finance and HR departments, where we understand each other, is important.”